The Lord Superior Weekend

28 Oct

So, I finished reading Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday today… and they were not like I remembered them. Nix certainly has a talent for creativity and storytelling, but his misuse of commas (semicolons are your friend!) and simple sentence structure annoyed me endlessly, and while overall I enjoyed reading them, it was hard for me to overlook these things. I am fully aware that these are preteen/early teen books, but still… agh…

The typeface was also huge and I flew through them – only a couple of hours read. And when I say a couple, I mean literally a couple. As in not much more than two.

Finally, the ending was, I though, slightly lackluster – both of the last two books kind of felt like he was rushing through them. Perhaps he just wanted to get them out of the way, which I can understand perfectly. But the ending was rather predictable – SPOILER – the universe ends and Arthur becomes the new Architect. How exciting. There was also almost no denoument after the peak of the climax, and it just left me feeling kind of awkward, not really knowing what happened to many of the characters, and me questioning Arthur/New Architect’s logic… and then I got all metaphysical and then had to go to class. But, I’d still recommend the series. Not anything close to Shade’s Children, though.

And before I sign off for the night, I also want to share the wonder of Scrivener. I use Windows, and the Beta version is out, and I’ve been meddling around with it and went through the tutorial, and it looks amazing. I’ll be sticking with Word for NaNoWriMo (which is only 4 days away!) because I don’t want Scrivener to unexpectedly crash on me, but in 2011 I look forward to using it as my primary writing tool.

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