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What’s in Store for the Future…

So, an outline of my current plans: NaNoWriMo is next month – in a couple weeks, actually – so I need to get my university work out of the way. My first priority is writing a paper on reforms in the late Ottoman Empire, and then loosely planning out The Libel of Blood, third book of the Jakken Trilogy and my NaNoWriMo novel. That shouldn’t take long, and once that is finished, I plan on trying to complete a short story (!) I’ve been working on in (and in between) classes, The Vessel – a horror story taking place during the first Punic War, from the viewpoint of a member of the Roman Equestrian class. Following that, I want to also write Station Fourteen, a leap forward in time into the future – a true science fiction horror story, based off of Alien, but with a twist (as I’m sure those of you have read TLOS know I am so fond of).

If by some miracle I can actually do all of that by November, I will begin editing The Light of Civilization (by no means will I finish it), and then we hit NaNoWriMo! Once November 1st rolls around, I’ll be adding a word-count widget to the sidebar, so you can follow my progress without waiting for Twitter or blog updates!

Following the illustrious month of November, provided it doesn’t kill me, I will set aside TLOB and finish (or start) editing TLOC, hopefully finishing that by mid or late December (likely late), and publishing it in late December or early January. I will then immediately begin work on editing TLOB, with the hopes of releasing it in early February, thus completing the trilogy. While this is going on, I will be adding to my short stories, hopefully finishing “The Thing from the Peaks,” which I am envisioning as a novelette, and then continuing work on those as I begin work on my next major project, People of the Storm, which will probably in its final length be about the length of the trilogy (or so I hope). Then for NaNoWriMo next year, I plan on either continuing Jakken’s life story or examining another aspect of the Juxian Mythos, with the Jakken Trilogy introduced: Banditry.

So, that’s the plan for now – let’s see how drastically it changes!

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