Works in Progress

I always have far too many works in progress – more than I will list here – but here is what I am currently focusing on:

Spirits of Eidolon (Novel)
Synopsis: A vindictive empathic assassin on a mission of vengeance. A deadly telepathic star-pilot seeking her identity. A gentle cyborg engineer running from the atrocities of his past. A devilish mutant librarian searching for the answers to the future. A lost and spoiled gladiator asking for meaning. An arrogant, yet lost, hacker looking for refuge. A secret that could tear the bonds of humanity apart… forever.

The first book in The Spirits of Eidolon series, this novel sets our piratical heroes on their journey, as they find themselves swept up in a war over the Throne of Victory. Their journey will take them from high-level intrigue to gutter politics, from centers of economic power to abandoned alien wastes. As they struggle to play all sides in a conflict between a warmongering cyborg empress, a charismatic xenophobic general, a wounded pirate king, and an idealistic band of revolutionaries, they find themselves knowing far more than they should.

The planned first trilogy of the larger series (Spirits of Eidolon, Heirs of Victory, and Throne of War) follows the crew of the pirate ship Eidolon as they navigate the escalating conflict over the reunification and conquest of the cyborg Victorian Tribe of humanity. Subsequent books in the series will explore the other Six Tribes as the consequences of the first series expand; from the soulstealers of Sorrow to the nanosymbiotes of Anthem, from the metamorphs of Rebirth to the telepaths of Unity, and from the citizens of Hope to the empaths of Memory. The struggle over the Throne of Victory can only end in war, and this war will decide the fate of humanity as the seven evolutionary paths laid out before it are eliminated one by one…

Current Progress: ~1500 words

Excerpt: Coming soon!

Moons Over Sothenheim
Synopsis: Kat is an indentured worker, shipped out to the strange mining world of Sothenheim, on the fringes of humanity, to work off her debts under the watchful eyes of the Sothenheim Corporation. She is quickly swept up into the revolutionary socialist politics of Sothenheim’s Mining Union, and discovers dark secrets underlying the impossible astrophysics of the larger Sothenheim system.

Current Progress: 2200 words

Excerpt: Coming soon!

Sea of Souls (Short Novel/Novella)
Synopsis: Kairem is an ancient soulfisher, never thinking about why he fishes for souls. Ryoji is a refugee dreampriest, never thinking about what it was that keeps the cities of the Soulcean intact. When the Fourth City crumbles into the sea of souls, Kairem and Ryoji are thrown together, and begin to unravel the mysteries behind their existence…

A novel(la) inspired by the game Sunless Sea, but taken in a very different – and possibly darker – direction.

Current Progress: ~2600 words

Excerpt: Old Kai the soulfisher watched in silence as Keflik was dragged beneath the glowing waves of the sea of souls, screaming for help. The only signs that he felt anything at all as his third apprentice in as many months were pursed lips, scrunched eyebrows, and hunched shoulders. Keflik’s hand remained above the surface of souls a few moments longer, until a shimmering hand grabbed his wrist and dragged it under. It was several minutes before Keflik’s screams faded from hearing.

The Woodsman (Novella/Novelette)
Synopsis: George and Jackie’s family have just moved into the woods, and their fellow townspeople have warned them about the grumpy old man who lives the next plot over. They find him nice enough, but the woods are another story…

Current Progress: ~7500 words.


“He seems nice enough,” Jackie said. “A bit odd, though.”

George nodded from his chair in the living room, opposite Jackie’s. The children and Peter had all gone to bed. “Did you see his face?”

Jackie hesitated. “I… never thought to look.”

George narrowed his eyes and steepled his fingers. “Never thought to look… or couldn’t look?”

“I…” Jackie looked thoughtful. “I could look… I just couldn’t remember. It was like as soon as I looked away from his face, it blurred in my mind.”

George nodded. “Exactly how I felt.”

They sat in silence for a little while.

“Well, he was still a very nice man,” Jackie said.

“Quiet,” George replied. “Polite enough though, I guess. Odd manner of clothing, though.”

“And that axe… it made me a little uncomfortable,” Jackie confessed. “But he seems genuinely interested in helping us.”

George grunted.


Jackie’s husband sighed. “I don’t know… he came in and inspected the house. Hardly looked at us. It’s almost like… he didn’t really want to sell this place.”

Jackie laughed. “Honey, don’t be silly! You heard what he said! He wants it to be better maintained. Maybe he’ll buy it back from us when we move out.”

George sighed. “If we ever move out. My new job doesn’t offer many opportunities for advancement.”

Jackie smiled warmly at her husband, stood up, and sauntered over to him, swaying her hips gently. She sat down on his lap and kissed his forehead. “Then I guess we’ll just have to save up.” He slid her arms around her, and she did the same to him. Their lips locked together and their eyes closed. I guess she’s forgiven me, was George’s last thought before he lost himself in the embrace, finally feeling at home.

Something creaked. Jackie jumped off George’s lap, and George sat straight up, They both looked around nervously for a moment. Jackie laughed nervously. Her ears were listening to everything now; the faint pitter-patter of what remained of the rain outdoors, the tinny rumblings of the primitive water heater, the muffled creaking of the swaying trees outside, and and the snoring of old Peter.

Then the creak came again.

(c) Z. M. Wilmot


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