Works in Progress

I always have far too many works in progress – more than I will list here – but here is what I am currently focusing on, roughly in order of attention:

Dreadship Omnipotence (Novel)
Synopsis: It has been 250 years since the various Tribes of humanity, scattered for centuries after the Slow Death of Earth, began to find one another again. To celebrate and showcase its power, the military democracy of Sovstel is sending its new flagship, the Omnipotence, on its maiden voyage throughout the Tribe of Victory. Unfortunately for Sovstel’s leaders, several people have set their hungry eyes on the Omnipotence:

The Pirates want to claim the Omnipotence as their own, striking a major blow against the oppressive Sovstelian regime.

The Hacker wants answers, and the clues left behind by his dearly departed brother have led him to the Omnipotence’s decks.

The Gladiator wants revenge against those who have enslaved her, and with the aid of undercover revolutionaries she finally has her chance.

The General wants his home system to realize the futility of resisting Sovstelian domination and join them willingly, and so wishes for nothing more than a smooth voyage.

And, perhaps most importantly, The Omnipotence wants only its freedom.

Current Progress: For this particular work, this is a complicated question.

Book of Mercies

Synopsis: Most life on Earth has died out after the Night of the Three Horsemen. Humanity struggles to survive, but its population is ever-dwindling, as the only thing left for humanity to eat is itself. On a world quite literally consuming itself, one wanderer finds something he thinks can end humanity’s cannibalism: a single, hardy, resistant plant. But as he flees the powers that be to try and save the world, he finds himself stalked by a terrible monster birthed by humanity’s sins: the Carrion Angel.

Current Progress: ~1700 words

Moons Over Sothenheim
Synopsis: Kat is an indentured worker, shipped out to the strange mining world of Sothenheim, on the fringes of humanity, to work off her debts under the watchful eyes of the Sothenheim Corporation. She is quickly swept up into the revolutionary socialist politics of Sothenheim’s Mining Union, and soon after stumbles upon dark secrets underlying the impossible astrophysics of Sothenheim’s system.

Current Progress: 2200 words

Sea of Souls (Short Novel/Novella)
Synopsis: Kairem is an ancient soulfisher, never thinking about why he fishes for souls. Ryoji is a refugee dreampriest, never thinking about what it was that keeps the cities of the Soulcean intact. When the Fourth City crumbles into the sea of souls, Kairem and Ryoji are thrown together, and begin to unravel the mysteries behind their existence…

A novel(la) inspired by the game Sunless Sea, but taken in a very different – and possibly darker – direction.

Current Progress: ~2600 words

The Woodsman (Novella/Novelette)
Synopsis: George and Jackie’s family have just moved into the woods, and their fellow townspeople have warned them about the grumpy old man who lives the next plot over. They find him nice enough, but the woods are another story…

Current Progress: ~7500 words.

(c) Z. M. Wilmot


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