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NaNoWriMo Coming Fast!

Less than twenty-four hours until NaNoWriMo! In preparation for it, I have been getting ahead on my work – I completed all of my chemistry homework for the semester two days ago, finished my sociology homework for November this morning, am a week ahead in my Ancient Chinese history class, and wrote my large paper for my Ottoman History class… leaving only about half of my workload left! The last thing on my list before NaNo starts is to finish “The Man in Amber,” and then vaguely plan out some more of The Libel of Blood.

On that note, I have decided to use Scrivener for NaNo this year. However, I will be backing it up very often and all the time in case it bugs, both in .scriv formatting and in .docx formatting. And it shall be wonderful and full of rainbows and unicorns and magical flutterbyes.

But this year should be harder for NaNoWriMo than last year. Why, you ask? Other than having more university work, I am also running one more online campaign than last year (bringing the total up to two), and two online role-playing games. It’ll be fun.

So, in order to ensure that I meet my goal (and get half off on Scrivener when the full Windows version is released), I have set some prizes for myself:

1). When I reach 25,000 words, I shall dance a jig and shall allow myself to sleep. For four hours. Exactly. I shall also allow myself to play Transformice for a bit – until then, I shall not play Transformice at all. I shall also allow myself to purchase an album by Wir sind Helden.

2). When I reach 50,000 words, I shall dance two jigs, a waltz, and a polka, then break into a tango, play some Transformice, do my sociology homework that’s due in December (the second, I believe), and then shall buy for myself the following:

The Last Unicorn – One of my favorite movies by my favorite team – Rankin and Bass – based on one of my favorite books by one of my favorite fantasy authors. Yet, for some reason, I have not yet owned it. I shall hopefully do so in December.

The Shepherd’s Tale – A graphic comic detailing who Shepherd Derrial Book really was, by the amazing Joss Whedon. And it’s Firefly-related.

Cthulhu Plushie – Need I say more?

Hopefully this will work out. Off now to finish “The Man in Amber” and begin messing around more with Scrivener and plotting out The Libel of Blood! Ta-ta for now!

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