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Glorious Epiphany

Chapter 31 has been completed, putting us at 287 pages – and Jak finally had his huge epiphany, and has transformed from a submissive young boy into a gung-ho, confident man. Type-thing. See?


The words of the murmuring mass resonated strangely within me. Help and guidance… had I been used as a pawn, or had I merely received help and guidance? I began to think and ponder, and realized that I could turn my vantage point upside down, and see everything differently. I hadn’t been shuffled along like a pawn – I had been given assistance and guided on my path to Juxia. The Shortel had indoctrinated me into their world and given me the tools necessary to (sort of) make it in Juxtani Civilization. Banidtry had indirectly taken me to the Dassens and Admiral Matekis, who had given me perspective and taken away my naivety. Banditry had then again taken me under their wing and shown me the world, and had given me anger to guide me forward.

Kalkkis then had entered my life, and taught me of practical and philosophic matters – he had shown me what amounted to almost fatherly love and caring, and became a true mentor. He, more so than the other, overtly taught me what I needed to know, and widened my perspective further, finishing what Banditry had begun, and bestowing upon me his morals and values. No, I had not been shuffled along as used as a pawn –  though those doing the “shuffling” might disagree – I had been moving from teacher to teacher, getting myself the best possible education and taking the best from all of my mentors.

If I could have, I would have smiled. And now the last link had been put in place: the murmuring darkness that spoke in questions and riddles, had bestowed upon me its wisdom, and made me realize who I was.

I was Jakken Jalhalla Servidos, poor boy risen to powerful man, desired as a tool by many, but who would not submit again. It is the goal of the teacher for the student to become more powerful than the mentor, and it was that I would do. I would overcome those who stood before me, and I would lead my people into the light of civilization, carrying them out of the darkness of barbarism into a bond of egalitarian brotherhood with the rest of Juxtani Space. It was my destiny, and I was going to choose my own fate. No longer was I under anyone’s tutelage; I was my own master now. Nothing could stop me.


And such. It’s cheesy, I know – but I think it’s rather epic. So there. But, on an even brighter note… I have four more chapter left to completion! We’re getting closer!

Of course, if I can keep it up. In preparation for NaNoWriMo, I’m getting ahead on work… but I have to counterbalance that with being only 100 cheese away from a snorkel on Transformice, ogling over the new HPLHS Whisperer in Darkness trailer here, and a new game I discovered, where you as a walking flower travel through a world of fluffy clouds and happy… well, everything, into a world of darkness, despair, evil, and DEATH. Try it out here! It’s really scary.

Also, because I forgot to mention earlier – I have a Twitter now! See the link on the right, or click here!

And now I shall leave you to your everyday, menial tasks. Fare thee well until we do meet again!


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