Dark Aeons

This collection of terrifying tales reveals the timeless horrors that lurk behind all of existence, bringing these eternal fears to chilling life. From ghost ships to faceless men, from mad winds to silver doors, from carnivorous rain to interdimensional fishers, and from succubi to visions of hell, this twisted collection of horrifying tales will leave no reader unchanged. Available as a free eBook through Smashwords. Edited by Jacob G. Adams and Peter Merlin.

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The Loneliness of Stars

The Loneliness of StarsMore than a thousand years in the future, in a time when human civilization has spread to inhabit planets outside of Sol’s light, a poor dockhand named Jak is given the chance to stow away on the largest space expedition ever to set off from Earth. From the moment the ship takes off with an extra bit of human cargo on board, young Jak is plunged into a world of intrigue, deception, death, love, and the loneliness of stars. The print version of this second edition contains Deleted Scenes and a preview of The Light of Civilization. Editor: Noa Karr

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The Light of Civilization

The Light of Civilization

In the sequel to The Loneliness of Stars, Jakken Servidos, one of the four survivors of a space vessel’s crash-landing on a barren planet, is rescued along with his companions by an alien vessel that will bring him to the heart of the universe. On his amazing journey through space and towards his destiny he will encounter terrifying monsters, ruthless pirates, calculating soldiers, dark gods, and a terrible betrayal. Jak’s journey has only just begun… Print version contains a preview of The Libel of Blood. Chief Editor: Michael Ireland. Cover Illustrator: Sarah Kindler (image © Sarah Kindler).

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The Libel of Blood

In the final installment of the Jakken Trilogy, the opening series of the Juxian Mythos, young stowaway-turned-ambassador Jakken Jalhalla Servidos returns to Earth at the head of an impressive array of alien dignitaries and ambassadors in order to integrate the Human Empire into a vast conglomerate of alien civilizations known collectively as Juxtani Civilization. From before the moment he sets foot back on his home planet, events begin to spin out of control as theft, sabotage, intrigue, and death surround him, all centering around one powerful figure rumoured to be plotting something horrific. All too soon, Jak finds himself standing between mankind and complete annihilation. Chief Editor: Michael Ireland.

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