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And We Come Full Circle… Or Rather, Jak Does

Another chapter done! This puts The Light of Civilization at 270 pages (yes, this was a short chapter – only seven pages instead of the usual eight) and at 29 completed chapters! The next chapter written will be number 30, the big three-oh! I hope you all remember the events of The Loneliness of Stars – or at least the locations – because they will play a major role (and already have) in Chapters 29 and 30.

And for your reading delight, I have prepared an excerpt, quoted from the mouth of Supreme Grand High Lord Councillor Loreinan, summing up Jak and his precarious position in a nutshell:


“I’m afraid you now have no choice – from the information you have given us, we can find your civilization with ease and grant a patron to it, guiding you for… likely two dateyns, I think. Keep in mind also that by your own admittance, Jakken Jalhalla Servidos, there are three more humans in the custody of Banditry.” In his first display of real emotion, the Grand Poo-bah smiled acidly. “You shall not be humans’ representative. You have disrespected this Council and the institution of the Juxtani Assembly and Congregation. Kalkkis, while registered servant of the shivvos, has been cited numerous times for deviancy, and his word therefore cannot be taken at full value. To us, then, you are useless. If indeed you are a new race, we shall find out in the future.

“The truth is, you come to us at a bad time, Jakken Jalhalla Servidos. A very bad time. Even if we believed you – which I am not sure we do – your civilization should not enter the fold now. There is already too much conflict, too much turmoil – the peace must be kept. If you are telling the truth, do not worry, your society will eventually be allowed into our great conglomeration, but for now, your voice must be silenced.”


But what does it mean? Hopefully, if I can finish soon, it shall become apparent in the near future! But, ta-ta for now! Watch Shaun the Sheep while you wait!

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