Short Stories

The Derelict.” Originally Published in Space Adventure Magazine, Issue One, pp. 39-55. Buy Issue Here.

Collection: Dark Aeons (contains Winds of Madness, Dark Prophecy, The Silver Door, What Walks Under Moonlight, Singing in the Rain, Afflatus Divine, Ascension, Hell Factory, The Horror in the Woods, The Loneliness of the Spheres, Station Fourteen, The Man in Amber, Sally, The Parasite, The Playground, Parallax, The Vessel, Lord of Carrion, The Derelict [reprint], The Wolf’s Key, and Dark Aeons) – Buy From: CreateSpace eStore – Amazon – Amazon Kindle (eBook) – Barnes and Noble Nookbook (eBook) – Smashwords (eBook).

Blog Fiction
Fiction posted on this blog
The Eldritch Wastes (now-defunct online project)
Astral Tide (now-defunct collaborative project)


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