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The Light of Civilization First Draft Done!

Yup, I have finally accomplished the task! Writing 33 pages over the course of two days, The Light of Civilization‘s first draft stands complete, at exactly 320 pages and about 111,000 words. This makes it 88 pages longer than its prequel. Overall, I think it’s better than TLOS, with slightly less jumpiness, but it’s also more epic and grand in scale. I’m really tired right now, so won’t say much more, but now I am ready for NaNoWriMo! And for those of you who want to know how the book ends…


I will never be sure if it was real or not, that glimpse of things dwelling in the blackness between the stars, but it has forever haunted me. For the moment, though, I pushed all thoughts of that aside, and focused on my task: bringing humanity into the light of civilization.

For I was human, and no one could stop me.


And now onto NaNoWriMo prep! I’m going to first get ahead on university work, and then if I have time aside from that, I will begin editing TLOC, but likely will not finished before late December. Expect TLOC to be released in late December or early January!

Book three coming up!

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