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#Writemotivation Update

I’m a few days late as usual, as life is, as always, making me rather busy. A brief summary of my accomplishments:

Write three chapters/episodes of Astral Tide (one each week for the first three weeks of July). Done! I remembered just now I need to write an epilogue for the series next week, but then I’ll be done with this goal! That’s one out of three!

Write four chapters in Beneath. Written nothing here so far. Stagnation.

Finish editing Dark Aeons. Still no progress! Hooray for stagnation!

So, I’ve finished one goal out of three. Not bad! I also finished critiquing an excellent novel draft for someone (which I failed to put on my #writemotivation list) and learned some Arabic calligraphy! So this week hasn’t been a complete loss.

Coming up for the rest of August, I plan on reading some things, starting on a critique of another friend’s novel, and finally leaping back into writing – starting with an EsoTarot post tomorrow!

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