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July #Writemotivation

That time of every other month is almost upon us, when I try to meet some arbitrary goals I set for myself in the course of one month. That’s right, it’s a #Writemotivation goal-check month! For more information, visit #Writemotivation founder K. T. Hanna‘s site here.

After my abysmal June Camp NaNoWriMo performance of 0 words, I hope to do much better for #Writemotivation. So, what do I want to do this month? I have set the following goals for myself:

-Write three chapters/episodes of Astral Tide (one each week for the first three weeks of July). I have already almost finished the first one of these as of this morning!
-Write four chapters in Beneath. Similar to other #Writemotivation goals I have had.
-Finish editing Dark Aeons. This is my primary priority at the moment.

Also, “unofficially,” I hope to finish critiquing a novel for someone, as well as do well on my upcoming GRE’s (on July 13).

Let’s see how well this works out!


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