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#Writemotivation Update

Well, it’s been a tough start of the month. Tougher than usual. I’ve been busy beyond belief for the past two weeks (hence the lack of an update last week), and am only now managing to get back to seriously writing. As I am not completely free of being busy yet, this update will be short. So far, my goals:

Write three chapters/episodes of Astral Tide (one each week for the first three weeks of July). Finished two of these! We went on a brief one-week hiatus due to more than one of us being busy, so still one more week left here.

Write four chapters in Beneath. Written nothing here so far. Stagnation.

Finish editing Dark Aeons. I’ve made no progress here either.

Unfortunately, I really need to finish critiquing a certain novel for someone this week, so editing my own work and writing Beneath will have to wait for a little bit, unfortunately. Hopefully not too long though! Time to scurry off back to being busy!


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