Astral Tide

12 Sep

The year is 2286, and everything is gone.

Greetings! Hopefully I am back after my long hiatus. After settling in again at university, I’m finally able to find some time to write, and I’m back to editing The Libel of Blood and writing Tal’kan – which may be split into two books (more to come on this later). I also haven’t forgotten about Dark Aeons, but that’s currently on a backburner.

What I have come to tell you about is my latest project – Astral Tide. The project is a collaborative effort between myself and two other authors – R. A. Wesselhoeft and S. Huang (we may be adding a fourth in the future, but we’ll see). It takes the format of a series of short, maximum-2,000 word stories – three a week, one from each author. Each author has taken control of one ship of five in the last fleet of the known universe, following a terrible cataclysm that caused all of reality to collapse and begin to merge with another dimension. Each ship will have its own subplots, but also will be tied together by fleet-wide events and a shared world. It will be updated Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays – and it’s completely, 100% free. Did I mention that it’s free? Go get started now – the Prologue is up, and my first story, “Born to the Fire,” is released September 14th! Visit us here.

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  1. purleydott

    September 12, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Good luck on your writing project!


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