Dance with Dragons

12 Sep

I finished it, finally. It was an interesting book, and did have some surprising twists at the end. My major gripe with it is that the first three-quarters of the book seemed to be set-up and filler – nothing important really happened until the very end, and I struggled to make it to the ending (which was very exciting, I will admit). My second half of the gripe was that he was killing his characters’ personalities; I was terribly frustrated by Daenerys and Jon, and I wanted to strange Tyrion. All of their catchphrases really got on my nerves – “You know nothing, Jon snow,” “The queen of rabbits must wear her floppy ears,” “Where do whores go? *twang*,” “I am noone.” The only good catchphrase were all of Reek’s – though saying “Reek, reek, it rhymes with wreak” always set me chuckling. In all, Reek’s insanity was very, very well done, and he had all of my favorite chapters. I also found myself liking Victarion and Moqorro quite a lot, and am eagerly awaiting Aeron’s reappearance – my favorite character.

All in all, it was worth the read – but barely. The Winds of Winter should have more action in it. I hope.

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