Torchwood: Miracle Day

10 Sep

After the amazing and depressing Children of Earth, I was unsure what I would think of Torchwood‘s latest venture: Miracle Day, especially seeing as they were working with Starz, which seemed iffy to me. However, I was pleasantly surprise; the show had a very strong start and a very strong ending. The middle was decent and watchable, but a bit slow; it seemed like it was stuck in stasis for the middle 3 or 4 episodes. However, the last three episodes really picked everything up, and the last episode was wonderful. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to Rex, and I hope we see him again. Oswald Danes I have to confess that I will miss. Throughout the entire thing, his character was so well-developed, flipping between hints of redemption and regression. His ending was also very well done, containing a sort of redemptive regression; he sacrifices himself to destroy the facility around the blessing, and at the same time shouts that he’ll chase down and rape all of the bad girls down with him in hell. Disturbing, but very well-done and in-character. However, I must also say that I am not happy with the hint that it’s Jack’s blood that’s magic. Maybe Mr. Davies will explain this further, but I was under the impression that Jack was immortal because he had become a fixed point in time, and that it had nothing to do with his blood or genes.

But, regardless and aside from that point, I enjoyed Miracle Day very much, and hope that the next season is just as good.

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