Discworld, Kansas, Torchwood, Summer and Writing!

09 May

I’ve been a bad writer. I was freed of my university obligations on Tuesday May 3rd, was busy Wednesday with other things, and then Thursday was spent packing. I moved out of my dorm back home Friday afternoon, and then that evening was at a KANSAS concert in a very impressive Casino. The concert itself was spectacular, and I enjoyed myself a lot. On Saturday I went to the beach and stayed the night in a house, and unfortunately was dragged into doing things that were not writing. I got back home today, and as it was Mother’s Day, was spending time with my mother instead of writing. As such, very little writing has been achieved, but some progress has been made! Now that I am on summer break, I should have a lot more time to devote to writing – I have failed to finish the first draft by the end of this week, but shouldn’t have any problems doing it this week. I hope.

As I was packing and performing other tasks, I have been watching Torchwood – I’m now on Season 2, about halfway through it. The first episode was rubbish, but it got better. I hate most of the cast, but love Captain Jack; I watch it for him. Otherwise, I’m not a huge fan.

The last big piece of news is that in small increments (during classes, between them, during breaks in being social), I have been developing my own roleplaying system! I recently located the Steve Jackson Games Discworld roleplaying book, and have been reading it. Unfortunately, the mechanics are based on GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System), which I abhor. So, I threw that system out the window and developed my own specifically for Discworld, with stats for Morphic Fields and Magic and other such fun things. I just finished the first draft with a list of classes and spells. In a week or two I hope to test the rules out on a group of unsuspecting roleplayers! The ruleset I drafted is like a mix between WFRP (Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay) and Paranoia. It should be fun!

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