Ace of Disks

09 May


Ace of Disks: The Realization

The Ace of Disks is the origin, root, source, and pure energy and idea of the Suit of Disks. It represents the purest and least diluted form of the Suit of Disks, and is the standard bearer of the entire suit, standing in as representing the the Suit itself. It corresponds to the Sefirot of Kether; the original emanation and perfect spirit of the Suit of Disks.

The Suit of Disks – that the Ace represents – is analogous to the element of Earth. It corresponds also to the material world, and the stability of Earth. The energy of the Suit of Disks is enduring, stable, practical, and stubborn and unyielding. The Ace is also forceful, spewing out the Suit’s energy, and represents Material Force. The Suit of Disks is Slow, Majestic, Ponderous, Cautious, and Trusting; in many ways the energy is simple. The Suit of Disks is also Prosperous.

The Suit of Disks represents the culmination of the other Suits; Wands were the Origin, Cups the Potential of that initial energy, Swords the Thought that began to shape it, and Disks are the Realization of that energy, the Origin we saw in Wands finally manifesting and materializing in reality in the Suit of Disks. Disks represent Reality and the Material World, and is concerned with the Physical and Material aspects of existence. The Suit of Disks makes up the second half of the second dichotomy present in the Tarot; that of the Abstract and Material (Swords and Disks).

The Rider-Waite art shows a hand emerging from a cloud (the spirit of EinSof), handing out the Pentacle (the Rider-Waite equivalent) to the world. It represents the gift of Material Force to the world. In the background are very earthy and green images, connecting the suit to Earth. The Thoth art shows a disk (with a Pentacle inscribed on it) resting on leafy objects. This emphasizes the Ace’s association with Earth and the material, as well as with the prosperity of growth. This is the only Ace that doesn’t seem to be emanating some energy, which represents the slower nature of this Suit; its emanation comes in the form of the growling plants it rests upon.

In a reading, this card asks you to examine the role that the Suit of Disks may play in your life. It asks you to examine how the material world manifests itself in your life, as well as the characteristics of stubbornness, practicality, and slow, ponderous motion. Are you perhaps a stubborn person? Do you always look before you leap? Are you very materialistic? Are you prosperous? Reversed, this card’s – and Suit’s – energies are hidden or twisted somehow; perhaps you are unaware of the material conditions of your life, or try actively to quell your materialistic urges.

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