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Two of Disks: Change


Change: Flexibility, Balance, and Stability Through Motion

The Two of Disks. Change. Stability Through Motion. The Infinite. Whirling. Motion. Balance. Flexibility. Juggling. Steadiness Through Readjustment. Change representing the Two of Disks – at the Sefirot of Chokmah, representing the original harmony and power of creation of the element of Earth – might seem to some an odd association at first glance. Earth’s common association is with immobility and solidity, which is not an entirely accurate association. The Earth does, in fact, move, but at exceedingly slow paces; the drift of continents and the bursting of volcanoes are all aspects of the element of Earth. There is, then, motion present, but this motion is not violent; it is slow, and steady, and helps to keep the Earth in balance. It is this motion that the Two of Disks represents. The fiery energy of creation associated with Chokmah is also manifested through the idea of change, but it’s quick qualities are reduced by the influence of the Suit of Disks. The harmony of the Suit of Disks is achieved through slow change to maintain the balance and harmony; anything that is unable to move will not endure, and as Earth endures, movement is necessary to its survival.

The Two of Disks, then, represents the idea of Stability Through Motion, and a constant Steadiness Through Readjustment. It represents the small adjustments one makes to achieve Balance, as well as the Infinite character of the world and its motion. It represents Adaptability and Change in order to survive and endure. It also is tied to the idea of Juggling in order to maintain stability and make sure nothing happens to disrupt the order. It is the Flexiblity needed for us all to survive.

The Rider-Waite illustration shows a young man juggling two pentacles, with rope around them making the symbol of infinity. Behind him are rolling waves. The entire scene is reminiscent of the idea of steady motion and balance. The Thoth art shows a crowned snake biting its own tail, looped into the symbol of infinity around to disks, both symbols representing the concept of the infinite. The snake is also a symbol of motion of a kind that cannot be unbalanced. The crown also signifies the stability of the snake’s power and control. The two Disks on the card are Yin-Yangs, which also serve as symbols of balance and harmony.

In a reading, the Two of Disks asks you to examine the role that small adjustments to your course in life may play in said life. It advises you to be flexible and willing to yield sometimes in order to keep things going; motion is necessary to keep things from falling. It also advises you to keep moving and not stay in one place for too long, lest you become stagnant and fall into ruin and decay. Reversed, this card’s energy is blocked or twisted somehow; perhaps your needed motion is being blocked by something, or your apparent motion is not accomplishing what needs to be done.

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