Psy Returns

15 Jul

And you thought Psy wouldn’t reappear in The Light of Civilization? Think again, because he’s back and more immature and creepy than ever! Psy makes his re-debut in Chapter 16, page 138, in a dream of Jak’s:

“I have found you, Jak. Your thoughts have become so much more appetizing of late – perhaps it is a good thing that we was prevented from taking you previously – you will now make a much more interesting friend for me.”

I was walking in a very familiar location. I was surrounded by stars on all sides; above me, below me, in front of me, behind me, and to both my sides. They all shone with an inner brilliance that I knew masked a cold loneliness, and their light shimmered eerily off of the dense fog that swirled at my feet, only occasionally letting my glimpse the stars far below me.

My movement did not affect the fog at all, as it twisted and writhed in accordance to its own rules. I walked forward, against my better judgment, in the direction of the voice. I no longer found it soothing or inviting; in it I heard only trickery and deceit.

“Psy, I know you are there – show yourself!” Perhaps this was what the green-cloaked man had been warning me about – the return of the psychotic psychic flying slug who wanted me as his playmate.

Far on the horizon of stars, I saw movement. As I watched and continued my slow advance towards it, I made out the silently floating form of Psy; a gigantic, gently flowing, translucent purple slug. I felt smugness emanating from the figure.

“Perhaps even now we shall wait to take you – though it would be so easy. The Tracking Units have lost me, and no one knows where we are. I doubt anyone would even notice you’re gone.”

“That isn’t true!” I shouted back. “People do care about me, you know!”

Something that sounded suspiciously like laughter began to emanate from the slug. “I’m sure they do. But will they care enough?”

I began to form a reply, but the distant slug turned around and floated away before I could speak.

“But we shall wait – such interesting things are coming your way.”


How ominous.

In other news (or rather, very similar news), TLOC is now at 144 pages! Granted, most of the progress was not made on Saturday, but the important thing is that progress was made! Additionally, another three TLOS chapters were edited, and I’m ready to start Chapter 10 next!

Now, in for real other news, I have discovered an awesome and amazingly distracting TV show – Dead Like Me. Watch it if you have the chance – it’s a cynical look at society, life, and death, through the eyes of a tragically killed college dropout who finds herself, after death, now stuck with the job of a “Reaper,” helping others’ souls after they’ve died.

In even more other news, the Wold Guardian was finished and I still remain undefeated in the Hordesmachine league – was in third place at the start of next week. I’m sure tomorrow will be my losing day. I’ll be playing either Primal or Epic Krueger – not sure which yet.

And in final news, the next Call of Cthulhu scenarios will be “The Curse of Chaugnar Faugn” and “Thoth’s Dagger.” Two different paced adventures; I can’t wait to see the outcome.

And in post final news, Twilight: Eclipse was a huge disappointment, as it was actually better-made than the other two, which pushed it from the category of “it’s so awful it’s good” into the “it’s just awful category.” Nevertheless, Jane and the Volturi are still awesome (I actually think her world is kind of neat – it’s just the sickening romance and plot parts I can’t stand).

Ta-ta for now!

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