It’s a Bat! Of Progress!

08 Jul

Progress is finally being made, despite some rather serious hurtles. Yesterday, after bravely reading through and editing two more chapters of the The Loneliness of Stars (Yes, I know I’m behind!), I settled down to work on The Light of Civilization some more, and then was forced to suddenly write the Underdark Campaign update – which sucked away the rest of my day. Then today, I was forced to do other things for the majority of the day, and when I finally settled down to write… a bat flew into the back of my head.

That’s right. A bat. Flew into my head. While I was inside.

It was rather traumatizing, and may have scarred me for life. After the cat batted it down and it hid in the pantry (all of this after me spending a rather long time trying to shoo and lure it outside), I called Animal Control who then removed it with a racket, a trash bin, and an apron (don’t worry, the bat lived and I think is fine).

After that stressful ordeal, I spent a while calming down and getting my heart rate back to normal, and then finally began writing. And then I wrote ten pages, and had a slew of new ideas (which are now written down), and all is well! Tomorrow I will not likely be making much progress, as I will have (hopefully) have a Wold Guardian (rar!) to paint for the Warmachine/Hordes League tomorrow, and Friday I shall be out and about with my girlfriend, but Saturday I anticipate as being a time of great writing alongside the Moulder Pitfighters update! Stay tuned!

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