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Vorkari Iette Tekkilo Iaten Potenti Affus Faliel Horvanus Est Tore Mananum

So, after a long time of no updates – I finished “Parallax!” My computer is finally fixed, and the space bar and shift key work, so I can type now! Additionally, I finally managed to drag myself away from Transformice, so also had time! I wrote most of the last 16 pages today, which puts the total page count of “Parallax” at 76 pages – four short of my expectation, but still close! The ending could have been better, I think, and feels kind of rushed – but that was the idea to an extent; the scribblings of a madman before killing himself. But with this distraction out of the way, I can focus all of my energy and time on The Light of Civilization. I doubt I’ll finish before September, but I can try! [For those who are wondering, the title of this post is a chant used in Parallax.”]

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TLOS Re-released and Parallax Almost Done!

I am back from my vacation down in the southern United States, and made a fair bit of progress! Most of my free time was spent working on the short story “Parallax,” which is to be included in the collection Dark Aeons. It is currently at 60 pages in length, with eleven out of thirteen probable chapter completed. I currently estimate that it will end up being about 80 pages in length total – but I could be wrong. A sample of the short story – well, more of a novelette now – can be found in one of the entires below. The story deals with the interactions between our dimension, or plane of reality, and our theoretical “sister” parallel dimension. I won’t say more, but I really am proud of it so far! Just the finale remains.

In other news, I finished editing The Loneliness of Stars, and have re-released it! I shall be cancelling Amazon orders of the first edition when the second one appears on Amazon, but you can buy the new edition – with far fewer typos (though I may still have missed a few) now on the CreateSpace eStore – click here! This second edition comes complete with deleted scenes, which I may post at some time in the future, as well as a preview of The Light of Civilization. The first edition will be pulled soon, so those of you who bought those have collector’s items!

The last thing I have to say is that after “Parallax” is finished, I am forcing myself to exclusively work on TLOC until it is completed, hopefully finishing the first draft before September! I shall keep you all updated!

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