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The Colour of Magic Movie/Special

I watched it yesterday while doing schoolwork, and it was okay. Watchable, but the movie adaption of Hogfather was much better. The Colour of Magic movie was more absurd, and the casting I thought was very good; Sean Astin (though he kept making me think of Samwise Gamgee) was a fantastic Twoflower, and David Jason was a superb Rincewind. The luggage was a wee bit different than how I pictured it, and played a much less prominent role in the film, which made me sad.

My main objection to the film was its deviations from the book, and what scenes it chose to portray. It left out a good chunk of things; such as flying on a cloud, waiting for rescue  in the Kingdom of Krull, the game of the Gods, the Temple of Bel-Shamharoth, and others. They chose to include my least favorite part, the Wyrmberg, which I felt could have been better replaced by Bel-Shamharoth’s Temple. In the end, I was unhappy with the plot changes the film-makers chose to make, and think they should have chosen something else to adapt, as opposed to trying to squeeze those two books into one movie. Doubtless for one who hadn’t read the books, the movie would have been good, though.

The other major objection I had was that the inter-wizard rivalry was given much more attention in the movie. And I don’t like Tim Curry as an actor, so having him play Trymon made me unhappy; he came across as actively malicious and evil in the movie, but in the books he’s just an OCD maniac. Also, on a parting note, Trymon in the movie looks a lot like a much older and angrier version of Joacim Cans (lead singer of the band HammerFall):

TrymonJoacim Cans

So, in summary, watch it if you haven’t read the books. If you have, it might be best to steer clear and watch Hogfather instead.

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Babylon 5

I just finished Babylon 5. All I can really sat at first is… wow. That series blew my mind away. Unlike many reviewers on Netflix, I loved the pilot – and I loved Season One. Then Seasons Two made me reel in awe, and three and four had my mind on a whole different plane. Season Five went back down to between One and Two, but was still mindblowing. The sheer amount of work, creativity, genius, and inspiration that went into this is astonishing – incidents from seasons one and two had dire consequences in the final season, and the last episode – Sleeping in Light” – had me tearing up by the end, it was so moving. I’ve never felt so connected to the characters of any show before, or even any book series – I will truly miss them.

Never before have I ever also seen so much character development; each character changes drastically over the course of the show:

-A low-ranking captain becomes Humanity’s greatest hope for peace, and later ends up 1,000 years in the past to form the foundation of one of the Galaxy’s greatest civilizations.

-A war hero that is both hated and respected by his enemies and friends becomes a messiah who gives his life for the dream he has for the galaxy, and later ascends to another level of being.

-A comical, incompetent drunkard becomes a spiteful and vindictive power-hungry traitor, and then turns into a noble and courageous leader who gives his life to save his people.

-An angry, bitter, cynical, vengeful, crude ambassador becomes a spiritual guide for his people and changes the face of his whole civilization, and changes the very principles of the galaxy.

-A meek, kindhearted, and loyal ambassadorial aide becomes the womanizing emperor of one of the galaxy’s largest empires.

-An honorable, reformed, competent, loyal man becomes a traitor, devolves into his past vices, and then rises again as a reformer for good as a business leader.

-A naive, loyal, inexperienced ambassadorial aide becomes a wise and just inspiration for his people, and then turns on one he has the greatest respect for in a twisted act of love, ending his appearance in shame and a flight away from it all.

-A depressed, bitter, distraught young man becomes a noble hero, and then dies saving the only woman he ever truly loved.

-A hardline, impatient, no-nonsense officer becomes a wise, understanding, and compassionate leader of an intergalactic security force.

-A kind and caring man sworn not to hurt anyone becomes a drug abuser, who then becomes a freedom fighter and then a bureaucratic researcher.

-An angry individual who started a wear that almost wiped out an entire civilization comes to love those whom he almost destroyed, changes the shape of her people, and becomes a wise and just leader of the galaxy.

And there are many more. Never before have I seen such superb character development and such an intricate plot with as few contradictions as in Babylon 5. Truly, this series is the best television show I have ever seen, and will influence me in a lot of things. It has made me think about questions I haven’t thought about, and is heavy with weighty themes and ponderings. I recommend this show to anyone, really – it was just that good.

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Writing Update

Sorry for the lack of writing updates, but life has been really, really, hectic. I am currently writing Chapter 44 of what I hope will 45 Chapters, a Prologue, and an Epilogue. I’ve been two chapters away from finishing for a long time, but the tail end of the book (which all takes place within two or three days of each other) is growing longer and longer and using up more and more chapters. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the final push through by the end of May, but don’t count on it.

Why? University work is hitting me in the face. Papers, research projects, entire books to read in a matter of days – I barely have any time to myself anymore. On top of that, I have developed a very bad case of insomnia, so am exhausted all the time and can’t concentrate on writing even when I do have free time; instead I’ve been watching Babylon 5. Season 4 is also fantastic.

But I do have some writing to show you! The Libel of Blood is currently at 374 pages. And recently, Psy just returned again, for the last time:


“We have no news from other worlds, but I’d imagine that Earth is faring better than most.” A faint smile touched Majias’ lips. “Another interesting thing I might point out to you. There is a ship leaving from a hangar located in this very building – two floors down those stairs over there and one room to the left – to go back up the battle above, to ensure that we continue to hold our own up there. It leaves in ten minutes. It was down here for restocking and changing the shifts of the crew. It contains twenty-seven strike craft on it, each one loaked with ship-destroyers. Four apiece. A ship like that in the hands of one blessed by the spirits of Xiallanen…”

I looked up at him sharply, for the first time truly paying attention. Go on

“…with a cause that is truly just and righteous, and with a certain individualistc streak, could perhaps make better use of those weapons than one less creative or less driven than a normal pilot. And you do have extensive experience with stowing away. It hurts us to see you suffer like this.” The timbre of Majias’ voice had changed. “I also have noticed a strange new mind entering the fray nearby – a powerful, slow-moving, revolting mind, bent on the domination and rewiring of lesser beings. It is very close, just behind the main bulk of the Horrere fleet. A few ship destroyers in the right place could end the problem once and for all.”

I stared into Majias’ eyes, and say that Majias did not stare back out at me. “We do care. I feel for you. We love you. I feel how it hurts. You can do what needs be done, for your most interesting race, and for those you may have lost. Goodbye now for good, Jakken Jalhalla Servidos.”

I knew then what I had to do. Why had I been chosen to be the receptacle of the attentions of the pilot spirits of the Xiallanen Passage? Did I not have a great fate in store? Could it not be possible that it was my destiny to destroy the Genesis Engine? And I had just been handed me the opportunity to avenge Derekk’s death and save humanity from certain destruction. Hopefully.

Majias started suddenly, and looked worriedly at himself. “Jak… what did I just tell you to do?” I stood up slowly, and smiled lukewarmly down at him.

“Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.”


So there you have it! Let’s see if I can get anything else done before the semester ends…

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B5, Haruhi, Ponies, CoC, Tarot, Uni, and Writing

In essence, a little bit of everything. I am sure you’ve noticed that my posts here have been few and far between; hopefully this post will explain what to expect from me in the near future.

First off, I haven’t had any significant time to write, and in order to work on longer pieces – such as TLOB – I need to devote at least an hour to it so that I can actually churn out good material. I just, as of late, haven’t had that time, for several reasons: a few weeks ago I had shingles, which made it impossible to concentrate on anything, and since I (mostly) recovered from that I  have then been swamped with work; next week alone I have 750 pages of reading and two papers, coming right after having to write three papers and do 200 pages of reading this week and my “vacation” the week before consisting of me writing a research paper. And then after all this goodness, final project and exam preparations begin. Oh joy.

So, until the end of the semester in early May, my writing will be limited – but hopefully will start coming again! I was originally aiming to finish the rough draft of TLOB by April, and then in April (during Script Frenzy’s time), was going to try to finish Dark Aeons – but I’ve given up on that. I’m still going to see if I can finish TLOB before the semester ends.

However, last night before I went to sleep I sat down and wrote another poem! It’s strange… it’s the titular poem of the planned collection Dark Aeons. For your wincing pleasure, here’s the first third(ish) of it:


In the beginning there was darkness
In the middle there was light
And at the end of endings there was eternal night

In the beginning there was darkness
Of utter midnight black
From the nothingness it came
To fill the void of light

It seeped into creation
And tainted life’s faint glow
A reminder of the nothingness
Come forth at the start of time

It hid in shadows and the night
Ever lurking, ever there
It watched from caverns and oceans deep
Ever watching; ever waiting

It darkened stars’ fiery birth
And led them into their own oblivion
Where they found their creation with open maws
Ever hungry, ever greedy

It told of destruction and ultimate end
But waited silently in the space between
Letting the song of stars flow through it
Adding their screams to the light


In addition to that, over spring “vacation” I had the chance to run two Call of Cthulhu scenarios and participate in three Corporation ones. Corporation, as Paranoia’s serious twin, is fun, but also has some leeway for humor. Which makes it rather different from Call of Cthulhu. The first scenario I ran, The Gate of Time, featuring the Hounds of Tindalos (read the story featuring them here – badly transcribed) went very well, and I had two players actually scared. The second one I ran, The Forest of Blood (which I will be basing a short story in Dark Aeons on) did not go so well; players were unfocused, joking, and missed a lot of vital clues, forcing me to improvise even more than usual, and I did not manage it well. After that experience, I decided that it is very important to have a table (not couches like we were using) around which to sit with minimal food and drink distractions. Also having serious roleplayers helps.

In terms of television shows I finished (before I was swamped, while still struck down with shingles), the anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I found very thought-provoking; it was well done and has an original concept (and fun music). However, the eight episodes in season one that are a time loop and repeat almost exactly for eight episodes just made me want to cry. I confess, I skimmed those. But I finished eventually, and in the end, want more! I can’t wait for The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya to come out in English.

I also finished Season 1 of Babylon 5, and liked that a lot too – Londo Mollari and Ambassador G’Kar came out as my favorite characters; their antagonistic dualities just made the show for me. I’m going to miss Jeffrey Sinclair (and Michael O’Hare) in Season 2; lets see how Sheridan fares. I have also just begun watching (no making fun of me) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and I have found it to be wonderful. Go watch it now.

In terms of tarot, I’ve only had time to do three readings of late, but I hope to begin doing it more regularly again! I did one earlier today, and should have time for another tomorrow – I’m going to try a Yin-Yang spread using myself and the rest of the world as opposing sides and see what happens.

Also, starting tomorrow, I will be beginning the TAROT CHALLENGE. This will consist of a lot of posts, hopefully one every two or three days, going through each and every card of the tarot and putting down all of my thoughts on it. The order will be as follows:



Knight, Queen, Prince, Princess



Knight, Queen, Prince, Princess



Knight, Queen, Prince, Princess



Knight, Queen, Prince, Princess



Hopefully this will help my understanding of court cards a lot, which I’ve always had trouble with. But for now – let’s see if I can get any TLOB done!

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Earthsea – The Terrible Mini-Series, and Update

So, shingles still hasn’t given me my life back yet, but *hopefully* the worst should be over today or tomorrow. Key word is hopefully – but I choose to trust the doctor. Then once I’m clear of one more paper, exam, and a busy weekend, back to writing I hope! I’m way behind at this point, so am moving my goal back to finish by the end of March. *crosses fingers* That way, in April I can do my secret challenge! I’ll tell you what that is if I can actually make it there.

But in my sickness, meanwhile, I decided to first try to watch Waking Life upon recommendation of a friend, and had to stop ten minutes in as the constantly shifting animation hurt my eyes. So I then watched Earthsea instead as I studied (or attempted to) for an exam. It is a Science Fiction channel version, and apparently (regrettably, I have not yet read the series myself) is very unfaithful to the author of the original books’ true intentions. I have a great respect for Ursula K. LeGuin, and feel bad that her books were demolished by the movie transfer. But, after watching the adaptation, the entire time I was thinking about how the women in the film are all portrayed as weaker, second halves to the men – from the evil, treacherous sister to Tenar herself. Their stories are secondary, and in the end, it is the men who are praised – not the women. Needless to say, this irritated me slightly.

Also, I felt really bad the whole time for Ged’s girlfriend back home. I wish they hadn’t just left her alone there. It was sad. And finally… I thought the cheesy lines in Star Wars episodes one through three were bad. They were nothing compared to this.

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So, Why No Progress?

Sorry guys, but there is a reason for my lack of any progress! My expected deadline is now out the window – and why? Because chickenpox decided to come back into my life. Yup, that’s right – I have shingles. In case you are unfamiliar with the disease, educate yourself here. The translation of the Norwegian word (as told to me by a Norwegian acquaintance) accurately portrays the whole thing: “hellfire.” I have blistering, almost oozing rashes along my left hip, making it painful to walk or move sometimes. The pain is really, really bad, to the point of which I can’t concentrate on writing. At all. If you ever get it, you will understand what I’m talking about. I’m writing this in one of my more lucid moments, free of my five pills a day, twice-a-day lotion, and prescription painkillers.

So, instead of writing (I honestly have been trying – but it doesn’t come out well), I’ve been watching television. More specifically, two shows – Babylon 5 and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. I really like both, though having half of the actors change after the pilot in Babylon 5 was unsettling. I love the characters and complex plots a lot though; it’s one of the few shows where I actually cannot pick a favorite character. I’m about halfway through Season One now. I also just finished Season One of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and though not nearly at the level of Babylon 5, made me think a lot – it is a very philosophical show. It’s interesting, as I used to hate anime – and now I actually like it. Strange.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be better in a week or two, and will get to writing then. But until then, check out my new Amazon Author Page. Until then, I have to survive another week of school. Wish me luck!

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Done With Who… For Now.

Both good and bad news – I have finally completely caught up with Doctor Who.  Matt Smith and Series Five are by far my favorite doctor/series, though Amy is only my second favorite companion – Donna is still my favorite. But now that this distraction is done with – hopefully I can return to writing in earnest, trying to start with this weekend! I’m also still waiting on TLOC to arrive (the proof, rather), which should be soon – hoping for a release time of a few days! Let’s keep our fingers crossed…

I’ve also started reading Pratchett’s Equal Rites – I like it a lot so far! Better and more composed than The Light Fantastic, that’s for sure! Following that book, I plan to read the newest Vorkosigan novel – Cryoburn. Looks very promising!

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