Earthsea – The Terrible Mini-Series, and Update

08 Mar

So, shingles still hasn’t given me my life back yet, but *hopefully* the worst should be over today or tomorrow. Key word is hopefully – but I choose to trust the doctor. Then once I’m clear of one more paper, exam, and a busy weekend, back to writing I hope! I’m way behind at this point, so am moving my goal back to finish by the end of March. *crosses fingers* That way, in April I can do my secret challenge! I’ll tell you what that is if I can actually make it there.

But in my sickness, meanwhile, I decided to first try to watch Waking Life upon recommendation of a friend, and had to stop ten minutes in as the constantly shifting animation hurt my eyes. So I then watched Earthsea instead as I studied (or attempted to) for an exam. It is a Science Fiction channel version, and apparently (regrettably, I have not yet read the series myself) is very unfaithful to the author of the original books’ true intentions. I have a great respect for Ursula K. LeGuin, and feel bad that her books were demolished by the movie transfer. But, after watching the adaptation, the entire time I was thinking about how the women in the film are all portrayed as weaker, second halves to the men – from the evil, treacherous sister to Tenar herself. Their stories are secondary, and in the end, it is the men who are praised – not the women. Needless to say, this irritated me slightly.

Also, I felt really bad the whole time for Ged’s girlfriend back home. I wish they hadn’t just left her alone there. It was sad. And finally… I thought the cheesy lines in Star Wars episodes one through three were bad. They were nothing compared to this.

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