Writing Update

15 Apr

Sorry for the lack of writing updates, but life has been really, really, hectic. I am currently writing Chapter 44 of what I hope will 45 Chapters, a Prologue, and an Epilogue. I’ve been two chapters away from finishing for a long time, but the tail end of the book (which all takes place within two or three days of each other) is growing longer and longer and using up more and more chapters. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the final push through by the end of May, but don’t count on it.

Why? University work is hitting me in the face. Papers, research projects, entire books to read in a matter of days – I barely have any time to myself anymore. On top of that, I have developed a very bad case of insomnia, so am exhausted all the time and can’t concentrate on writing even when I do have free time; instead I’ve been watching Babylon 5. Season 4 is also fantastic.

But I do have some writing to show you! The Libel of Blood is currently at 374 pages. And recently, Psy just returned again, for the last time:


“We have no news from other worlds, but I’d imagine that Earth is faring better than most.” A faint smile touched Majias’ lips. “Another interesting thing I might point out to you. There is a ship leaving from a hangar located in this very building – two floors down those stairs over there and one room to the left – to go back up the battle above, to ensure that we continue to hold our own up there. It leaves in ten minutes. It was down here for restocking and changing the shifts of the crew. It contains twenty-seven strike craft on it, each one loaked with ship-destroyers. Four apiece. A ship like that in the hands of one blessed by the spirits of Xiallanen…”

I looked up at him sharply, for the first time truly paying attention. Go on

“…with a cause that is truly just and righteous, and with a certain individualistc streak, could perhaps make better use of those weapons than one less creative or less driven than a normal pilot. And you do have extensive experience with stowing away. It hurts us to see you suffer like this.” The timbre of Majias’ voice had changed. “I also have noticed a strange new mind entering the fray nearby – a powerful, slow-moving, revolting mind, bent on the domination and rewiring of lesser beings. It is very close, just behind the main bulk of the Horrere fleet. A few ship destroyers in the right place could end the problem once and for all.”

I stared into Majias’ eyes, and say that Majias did not stare back out at me. “We do care. I feel for you. We love you. I feel how it hurts. You can do what needs be done, for your most interesting race, and for those you may have lost. Goodbye now for good, Jakken Jalhalla Servidos.”

I knew then what I had to do. Why had I been chosen to be the receptacle of the attentions of the pilot spirits of the Xiallanen Passage? Did I not have a great fate in store? Could it not be possible that it was my destiny to destroy the Genesis Engine? And I had just been handed me the opportunity to avenge Derekk’s death and save humanity from certain destruction. Hopefully.

Majias started suddenly, and looked worriedly at himself. “Jak… what did I just tell you to do?” I stood up slowly, and smiled lukewarmly down at him.

“Exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you.”


So there you have it! Let’s see if I can get anything else done before the semester ends…

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