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So, #Writemotivation… Yeah.

Time for my weekly #Writemotivation update! Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress since the last update. Actually, I haven’t made any progress at all. I also haven’t been commenting much with the hashtag with Twitter. I have, however, been reading everyone else’s blogs, and commenting when I can.

Why the lack of progress, ask you? Because I have been unable to write. Why unable to write, you ask? Because my mental state hasn’t been right for it. If I am stressed for any reason, I tend to get nauseous really fast. I feel physically sick, and find it nearly impossible to concentrate. For various reasons (mostly existential and where I stand in terms of my lifecourse), I have been in a state of near constant stress for the past week. As a result, my physical state has been less than exemplary. As a result of that, my mental state has not been well. I have been unable to focus, and have spent most of my time watching Farscape. I tried to write a few times (and I managed to crank out my Astral Tide episode for this week), but failed miserably each time. Combined with a sudden case of writer’s block, the obstacles in front of me seemed insurmountable. And because of my non-ideal state, my internet presence has been minimal.

Hopefully (I’ve been saying this every week), I will be able to really get going this week. So, in order to get myself ready to actually get stuff done, this is my plan for the rest of May #Writemotivation. Hold me to it!

Monday: Day off.

Tuesday: Spend a few hours working on thesis, and then write an entire chapter.

Wednesday/Thursday: One of these two days will be a day off. On the other day, whichever it is, I will work on thesis for a bit, and then write an entire chapter.

Friday: If this isn’t a day off, then I will finish Farscape (sans Peacekeeper Wars), write an entire chapter, and then thesis work with whatever I have.

Saturday: Day off.

Sunday: Write Astral Tide chapter, go to Rhapsody of Fire concert.

Monday: Thesis for a few hours, then write an entire chapter.

Tuesday: Arabic Class. Write an entire chapter. Thesis work.

Wednesday: Arabic Class. Write an entire chapter. Thesis work.

Thursday: Arabic Class. Write an entire chapter. Thesis work.

This is being optimistic, of course, so I am modifying my own personal goal from finishing eight chapters in Beneath down to six. We’ll see how this goes!

How’s everyone else doing with #Writemotivation?


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