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#Writemotivation Check-in!

Sorry, this is a few days late, but I’ve had a very, very, very rough last week. I have, as of yet, made no progress on my single goal – writing eight chapters in Beneath – but I hope to change that very soon! As of today, I am done with the spring semester as university, and with that hopefully most of the stress I’ve been experiencing of late will vanish, too.

On top of that good news, Astral Tide, a side project of mine along with S. Huang and Jacob G. Adams, is once again rolling and new chapters are being released, and The Libel of Blood is now available for the Nook and Kindle, and is on Lulu! In total, it has been released on the following platforms:

CreateSpace eStore
Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nookbook
Lulu Marketplace

The current plan of attack is now write write write! With some occasional work on my thesis thrown in there.

I hope everyone else’s #writemotivations are going faster than mine at the moment!


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