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So, #Writemotivation… Yeah.

Time for my weekly #Writemotivation update! Unfortunately, I haven’t made much progress since the last update. Actually, I haven’t made any progress at all. I also haven’t been commenting much with the hashtag with Twitter. I have, however, been reading everyone else’s blogs, and commenting when I can.

Why the lack of progress, ask you? Because I have been unable to write. Why unable to write, you ask? Because my mental state hasn’t been right for it. If I am stressed for any reason, I tend to get nauseous really fast. I feel physically sick, and find it nearly impossible to concentrate. For various reasons (mostly existential and where I stand in terms of my lifecourse), I have been in a state of near constant stress for the past week. As a result, my physical state has been less than exemplary. As a result of that, my mental state has not been well. I have been unable to focus, and have spent most of my time watching Farscape. I tried to write a few times (and I managed to crank out my Astral Tide episode for this week), but failed miserably each time. Combined with a sudden case of writer’s block, the obstacles in front of me seemed insurmountable. And because of my non-ideal state, my internet presence has been minimal.

Hopefully (I’ve been saying this every week), I will be able to really get going this week. So, in order to get myself ready to actually get stuff done, this is my plan for the rest of May #Writemotivation. Hold me to it!

Monday: Day off.

Tuesday: Spend a few hours working on thesis, and then write an entire chapter.

Wednesday/Thursday: One of these two days will be a day off. On the other day, whichever it is, I will work on thesis for a bit, and then write an entire chapter.

Friday: If this isn’t a day off, then I will finish Farscape (sans Peacekeeper Wars), write an entire chapter, and then thesis work with whatever I have.

Saturday: Day off.

Sunday: Write Astral Tide chapter, go to Rhapsody of Fire concert.

Monday: Thesis for a few hours, then write an entire chapter.

Tuesday: Arabic Class. Write an entire chapter. Thesis work.

Wednesday: Arabic Class. Write an entire chapter. Thesis work.

Thursday: Arabic Class. Write an entire chapter. Thesis work.

This is being optimistic, of course, so I am modifying my own personal goal from finishing eight chapters in Beneath down to six. We’ll see how this goes!

How’s everyone else doing with #Writemotivation?


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#Writemotivation Check-in

Things still aren’t going well. I’ve managed to get in some writing – a few paragraphs in Beneath have been completed – but other than that, my progress on my single #writemotivation goal has been limited. Hopefully things will clear up in the next few days and I can finally start writing seriously (I know I’ve been saying this all month, but hopefully this time it’s true)!

But, being positive, progress has been made!


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#Writemotivation Check-in!

Sorry, this is a few days late, but I’ve had a very, very, very rough last week. I have, as of yet, made no progress on my single goal – writing eight chapters in Beneath – but I hope to change that very soon! As of today, I am done with the spring semester as university, and with that hopefully most of the stress I’ve been experiencing of late will vanish, too.

On top of that good news, Astral Tide, a side project of mine along with S. Huang and Jacob G. Adams, is once again rolling and new chapters are being released, and The Libel of Blood is now available for the Nook and Kindle, and is on Lulu! In total, it has been released on the following platforms:

CreateSpace eStore
Amazon Kindle
Barnes and Noble Nookbook
Lulu Marketplace

The current plan of attack is now write write write! With some occasional work on my thesis thrown in there.

I hope everyone else’s #writemotivations are going faster than mine at the moment!


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The Libel of Blood on Amazon

Hey everyone! Just a quick note, that Amazon has put The Libel of Blood up for sale on Amazon early here! Hopefully in the next week or so I will start getting eBook copies up. Thanks for reading!

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The Libel of Blood Is Here!

After a long wait, the moment has finally arrived: book three of the Jakken TrilogyThe Libel of Blood, has been finished and released! Currently, it is only available on the CreateSpace eStore here, but in a week or so it should be available for purchase on Amazon. After that, it will be made available on the Nook, Kindle, and then other eBook platforms via Smashwords and possibly Lulu.

The Libel of Blood picks up where The Light of Civilization left off, with Jak on his way back to Earth. Of course, nothing is ever easy for our protagonist, and it isn’t long before he gets in way over his head – again. This novel completes the series of novels starring Jak, as well as the introduction to the Juxian Mythos. The universe is much larger than these three books, however; beware of more releases (so many more releases) in this universe coming, starting hopefully with Beneath.

So, if you are so inclined, buy it here, or wait until it appears on Amazon or as an eBook. It’s good to have it finally released though! Hopefully my short story collection Dark Aeons will follow suit soon!


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#Writemotivation May 2012: It Has Begun

Unfortunately, I’m off to a late start! I still have another week of exams left in this semester at uni, so don’t expect any serious progress to be made in my goals until the middle of next week. Hopefully then, though, I’ll be able to get a lot done! My goals for May are simple: write eight chapters in Beneath. Hopefully I can manage it this time!

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