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End of #Writemotivation

So, March is over. #Writemotivation goal check month is over. In conclusion, I failed miserably at my goals:

Goal #1: Finish “The Woodsman” rough draft.
-I did this one! This was the only one I accomplished, although the rough draft is awful, and half of it will probably be rewritten. But, this was done!

Goal #2 [Deleted in Goal Revision]: Write 32,000 words in Tal’kan.
-Yeah… This didn’t succeed at all. I wrote a little over 3,000 words, and then shelved this project for a while until I got inspiration back. So, didn’t do so well here.

Goal #3 [Added in Goal Revision]: Write 3 Chapters in Beneath.
-I wrote one and 4/5 chapters, which is better than nothing, but still not a success.

So, what did I learn? Set better goals next time! I underestimated the amount of university and other work I would have to do during March, and didn’t handle the time management as well as I could have, and so fell short. Oh well! I will certainly be trying this again in May, and I hope I’ll have much better luck then, when I’m out of university for a little bit!


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