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#Writemotivation Check-In and “The Woodsman”

So, it’s been a little bit more than a week since #Writemotivation started on March 1st, and I am pleased to announce that some progress has been made!

I have completed my first goal for the month – to finish my short story “The Woodsman.” I have completed the 10,405 word story as of tonight. I think it could have been better, but that’s what edits are for!

As it stands, the story is extremely confusing (partly intentional – it’s one of those tales where you have to pay attention and think about it after you’re done reading), without everything every being fully explained, and a purposefully incomplete ending – the reader gets to choose their own ending. When I started out on the story, I was intending for it to be a scary zombie story, with a single, lumbering zombie as the foe. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out that way, so I’ll have to write that story another time. “The Woodsman” as it is right now is a social commentary combined with horror story featuring Cynocephali – dog-headed men. Of sorts. It will likely undergo extensive rewrites in the near future, and I intend to put a lot of effort into this story (I say right now). For now, though, I will let it stew while I focus on my next goal for #writemotivation: writing 8,000 words a week on Tal’kan, my next novel in the Juxian Mythos! I have written 139 words in it so far, and I hope to finish up the rest of my words for this first “real” week by Sunday! We’ll see how that works out.

So, because of schoolwork, depression attacks, illness, and a host of other factors, I am behind. But I’m not as behind as I could be, and for that I am grateful! How is everyone else doing?


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