Rough Draft of The Libel of Blood Done!

21 May

Finally, after far too long, I can announce that the first draft of The Libel of Blood is done! It comes in at 439 pages (and one word on page 440), making it more than a hundred pages longer than The Light of Civilization! Unfortunately, the book is still not done; on Tuesday I will begin editing the manuscript, hopefully finishing in about two weeks. After that I tack on the necessary appendices and send it off to Michael Ireland for editing, and when he’s done I’ll go through his comments and edit it one more time! Following that, the novel should be released through CreateSpace once the amazing Sarah Kindler has worked her magic and produced another cover!

As I edit TLOB, I will of course still be writing! Dark Aeons is filling up rapidly, and I estimate that there are only four more stories left to finish and write! I removed “The Thing From the Peaks” from the lineup as I have stalled on it; I may return at a later date. However the short stories, “Afflatus Divine,” “Hell Factory, and “The Stalkers” are my next goals, as well as what I think will be the second novelette in the collection, “Forest of Blood.”

And now it’s off to sleep!

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