04 May

I just finished reading Terry Pratchett’s Sourcery, and I was very pleased by it. It was full of interesting ideas, examined the background of the Disc even more, and completely turned everything on its head – as Pratchett is wont to do. It also had its heartbreaking moments, but mostly it just had me laughing almost constantly. Pratchett’s dry wit and deadpan delivery of both ridiculous and true statements just had me laughing more than any other book of his that I had ever read. Upon some reflection, I believe that his brilliance in writing results from his haphazard treatment of standard plot elements, and his ability to describe inanimate objects as people with distinctive personalities exceedingly well. I also now, after reading this book, have a greater appreciation of the Librarian.

The ending, of course, was sad, what with Rincewind not coming back, but I have every confidence that he will in future books. On that note, this book also saw the greatest growth in Rincewind’s character I’ve seen yet – he acted unselfishly for a few moments! It was spectacular! Nevertheless, Rincewind is now one of my favorite literary characters. I would recommend this book to any Pratchett fans.

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