Princess of Wands

06 Apr


Princess of Wands: The Daring Pioneer

The Princess (or Page in the Rider-Waite deck) of Wands is the Earth of Fire; her personality corresponds to the Sefirot of Malkuth. She is the person who embodies the qualities of fire in the most “earthy” way. She is the end of the cycle and also the beginning; she will become the new Queen in time, and so also has a link to creation and birth. The Princess of Wands is a daring and individual; she is an explorer and pioneer, with a brilliant mind. She is, like her other personalities, also passionate and can be quick to anger. Like the Prince, she can be violent and even vengeful if provoked. Her drive is more focused than the Prince, as her life has been set out for her, and she often appears implacable and indomitable. She inspires others, and is a strong believer in her own self-righteousness. She can sometimes become overly theatrical, and is enthusiastic about everything – but still she can remain focused. She can also be sudden and unexpected; being around her can be tiring. A good example of a Princess of Wands in fiction is the titular character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; she embodies the Princess of Wands.

The Rider-Waite art is lacking greatly, I fear, and does not illustrate her character accurately; it merely depicts a young man with a wand looking foolishly to the side. The Thoth illustration, however, tells a different tale; the Princess is dragging her pet tiger forward and onward into the unknown, following a focused trail of fire; she has her mind set on something (though it could be something completely random), and will carry on to its end. Not even a tiger can stand up to her; she dramatically is shooting off down her path.

In a reading, the Princess of Wands asks you to examine how her personalities can be seen in those around you. Is someone going off and exploring new things? Is someone being overly dramatic? Should you perhaps be more forceful and implacable? Does someone have a vendetta? Does someone have so much enthusiasm just looking at them makes you tired? Reversed, this card indicates that these energies are blocked or held back by someone, or can be seen in unusual ways; is someone’s pioneering creativity being stifled? Are they constantly told to tone down their enthusiasm?

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