Prince of Wands

06 Apr


Prince of Wands: The Playful Romantic

The Prince of Wands (roughly the Knight of Wands in Rider-Waite decks) is the Air of Fire; Princes are air and Wands are fire. He is the fiery part of the Sefirot Tiphareth’s personality. He is the union of Chokmah and Binah (Knight and Queen), and represents the compromise between the two, being in many ways an exemplar of his suit and a combination of the Knight and Queen. He is driven (Fire) by ideas of Justice (Air), and is very swift and often impulsive. He is proud and courageous like the Knight his father, but also romantic and oftentimes playful in ways similar to his mother the Queen. However, he is young and not full of the “purer” ideas of Chokmah and Binah, and so is also easily-led and indecisive. He has passion, but is too young to be able to channel it effectively, and so ends up trying to do everything. His pride can often become empty boasting, and his play can become sadistic and mocking if left unwatched. Sometimes, his drive may vanish and he may appear lazy; while he has the passion to do things, he does not always have the drive.

The Rider-Waite illustration shows a bold knight charging bravely forward at… something. What it is we don’t know, but he isn’t afraid of it. he is bold, impetuous, and proud. He rides a horse, adding a sense of swift movement as well. The Thoth art also has a theme of movement; the prince is seated on a fast-moving chariot pulled by lions, in a pose that might be described as welcoming. He is attractive and likeable, and his chariot is light enough to change course at a moment’s notice. He has speed and drive, but could go anywhere with it.

In a reading, this card asks you to examine the role that a Prince of Wands plays in your life; is someone overly impulsive, given to fits of passion and then moving on? Is someone having trouble channeling their impressive energies? Is someone being arrogant and boastful while not actually doing much? Is there a romantic in your life who sweeps you off your feet with his passion, who acts as the charismatic comedian who everyone loves? All of these are aspects of the Prince, and seeing this card asks you to examine how he may be appears in your life in the people around you; or maybe advises you to adopt his characteristics. Reversed, this personality is blocked or hidden from you; perhaps you love of this person blinds you to his other Princely qualities, or the other way around; look for the Prince in unexpected places.

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