Babylon 5: Season Two

04 Apr

I just finished watching (at an obscene hour last night) the second season of Babylon 5. I liked the first season a lot, and the second season blew my mind – and I’ve heard that the third season is even better; I’m looking forward to seeing how true that is. Babylon 5 really is like a novel for television; it’s certainly the most complex television show I’ve ever watched, with great characters, background, and twisted and convoluted plots. I didn’t think I would get used to the new commander of the station – John Sheridan – but I did, and I’m now used to him. The second season threw lots of twists at you that you didn’t expect, and ended on an ominous note with the existence of the Shadows being revealed to the universe – which spells darkness for the young civilizations. If you haven’t seen Babylon 5 yet and you’re a science fiction fan, I’d recommend doing so now – you won’t regret it!

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