Ten of Wands: Oppression

01 Apr

Thoth – Rider-Waite

Oppression: Self-destruction, Burden/Struggle, and Overextension

The Ten of Wands. Oppression. Burden. Struggle. Overextension. Cruelty. Inescapability. Collapse. Blind force. The Ten of Wands corresponds to the Sefirot of Malkuth, which represents Root and Sum of the Tree of Life. Malkuth is the last of the Sefirot, and serves also as the origin of the energy of the Tree upon the Earth. Its effect on the energy of each suit is to ground it in reality. Malkuth is the only of the Sefirot associated with the pragmatic element of Earth; Kether and Chokmah are Fire, Binah is Water, while Chesed, Geburah, Tiphareth, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod are all associated with the abstract element of Air. The pinnacle of the Suit of Wands – Strength – is found at Yesod, and is associated with Air. Strength is the ideal of Wands – a mostly abstract concept – and Oppression is the reality of the suit – and Reality is what best describes Malkuth’s counterpart in the Naples Arrangement, 10. Oppression is what occurs when the ideal of Strength meets the practical truths of reality.

As such, the Ten of Wands – a mostly negative card – represents what happens to the Element of fire when it comes into physical existence. A person who embodies the energy of Wands, displaying strength, perseverance, creativity, courage, virtue, admirability, and passion is inevitably worn down by the world; no flame burns forever, and eventually it will die down. Those who are passionate, strong, and virtuous will try to do as much as they can to the best of their ability – and will soon become overwhelmed, unable to continue to effectively carry out the responsibilities that they have taken on. They refuse to give up, displaying their endurance and stamina, but no human will is indomitable. They will experience oppression, and though they may turn to others, their own characteristics will set them apart and leave them ultimately alone. Yet still they will struggle on stubbornly until their flame goes out.

On the flipside, one who exemplifies the qualities of Fire can sometimes become an oppressor, through the use of Blind Force; using their passion and drive inappropriately, eventually becoming a tyrant.

The Rider-Waite illustration shows a lone man struggling to carry a heavy load of ten wands – clearly showing his suffering and solitude. However, his stubborness is revealed by the fact that he still walks despite his terrible burden. The Thoth art shows the grid of Wands turned blue, indicating their loss of the fiery energy of the suit and their submissiveness, in the background while a pair of rigid, warlike wands hover over them, oppressing them. The emanations have returned, but combined with the fore wands and the background, give the card a rather ominous and sinister feel.

In a reading, the Ten of Wands indicates that you may have overextended yourself, have too much to do, or are bringing about your own destruction. It advises you to ease back on your load; don’t take too much on yourself, and be careful in your use of force. Reversed, this card to me indicates that the oppression is twisted and is perhaps going the other way; are you acting as an oppressor?

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