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The Libel of Blood at 326 Pages!

And with this, The Libel of Blood is now longer than The Light of Civilization! Over the past few days I made lots of progress. Yesterday I sat down and did a Tarot reading on why my writing had been so slow, and it was very enlightening. I put into place the advice the cards gave me, and have since written 22 pages. I have almost reached the point at which the book began, with the teaser at the beginning of the first chapter. Chapter 38 – what I just finished – was a rather confusing and hectic chapter to write, but I was proud with the result. Not only does it feature a death, Jak’s piloting skills, an awesome sword, a hijacked shuttle, and a philosophical discussion on the implications of advanced computers, but it also contains the one and only (re)appearance of Psy in the whole book – for all of twoish pages.

I also have planned out the rest of the book, which should go up to 42 Chapters and an Epilogue (which will be rather long, I think). Which means that all I have left to write are Chapters 39, 40, 41, 42, and the Epilogue! Then the editing process (and work on short stories) begins. Oh joy.

For now, though, I’m going to try to power through the rest of it. And for your enjoyment or torture, here’s Psy’s return:


I had seen that look before…

“No,” I said softly, looking at Derekk. He began to stand up straighter, and a small smile crossed his face. “Not now… I defeated you! You’re gone!”

“Inside your own head you will never again find us. But what makes others off-limits, Jakken Servidos?”

My head was ready to explode. “I can’t handle you all at once!” I shouted. Everyone quieted instantly. I pointed to Derekk. “Get him!”

“What?” Thyrak asked. “Are you okay – shit! Get him!” Thyrak immediately lunged at Derekk, tackling him to the ground.

“What the hell?” Triple-G said as Jarken joined the other Shortel.

“Psy… what’s he doing back? Why now?” Jarken said.

“We’re going to crash!” Danielle shouted and she curled into a fetal position.

Time began to slow. I was trapped on a damaged shuttle about to crash into a heavily armed and armoured ship piloted by the most evil being alive, while my lover had apparently been possessed by a psychotic evil psychic giant flying slug, and everyone in the tiny room we were in was panicking over one or the other. How could things get any worse?

A small smile crept over my face, and my fingers twitched. If I piloted the ship.

I ran up and threw Danielle out of the chair.

[…Omitted Content…]

The ship running relatively straight, I closed mye eyes and calmed myself. Like Kalkkis said – free your thoughts.

My mind cleared, and immediately I could feel the mental presences of those around me – Mikhail, Triple-G, Danielle, Jarken, Thyrak, Derekk… and Psy. His image appeared in my mind’s eye; the gigantic, floating, translucent blue slug who had haunted me ever since I had left Earth.

“Psy! Leave him and never come back!”

Jak – you assault us on my own territory. We are wounded.

“You have five seconds to leave his body.”

And why should I?

I hesitated, then swallowed. “Because then I will join you… after I am dead.”

I felt a wave of shock and surprise emanating from the slug-thing. You would do that for this pathetic worm-thing?

“Yes,” I said calmly. “He is not yours.”

There was a pause, during which I sensed much thought. If that is truly your choice, Jak – then you are not who I thought you were. You and this one shall never see me or my influences again while you live – but once you have both left this Space, he shall be ours.

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Five of Wands: Strife

Thoth – Rider-Waite

Strife: Conflict, Adversity, and Competition

The Five of Wands. Strife. Conflict. Adversity. Frustration. Disagreement. Competition. Struggle. Disharmony. The Five of Wands corresponds to the Sefirot of Geburah, and is the first card that can really be interpreted as negative. The Sefirot Geburah corresponds to upset – essentially, the destruction of the balance of Chesed. As such, the four Fives – all of which correspond to Geburah – are primarily negative cards, and represent the stable energy of their suit being destroyed – and the destruction of stability (particularly the “good” stability of Chesed) is rarely positive. In the Naples Arrangement, 5 corresponds to motion – those actions matter can take once it has come into being. These motions, however naturally upset the previous state of stability and balance, and so Geburah also represents to the first strong appearance of chaos and disharmony, particularly among Wands. The passionate energy of Fire and Wands is shifted from the realm of the positive to the realm of the negative. In particular, the Five of Wands represents a form of chaos in the form of conflict and disagreement; the opposite in many ways of “order.”

The Five of Wands has the distinction, as I said, of being the first “negative” of the Wands. The previous harmonious energy of Wands is thrown off and upset by the motion of Geburah, and so the suits energies now relate to its unstable aspects. As the suit of Passion, situations and individuals charged with the energy of Wands often have strong feelings about things and are very stubborn, and so often might come into conflict, which is the word that best describes this card. When many diverging opinions move (Geburah) and come together, all backed up by passionate and driving wills, discord, disagreement, and competition all will come to the fore, and it is in situations like these that the energy of the Five of Wands is revealed.

A second aspect of the Five of Wands – though related to the first – is the idea of frustration and adversity. Why can’t others see your point of view? Why is this so difficult? With regards to adversity, this card primarily refers to struggles and frustrations with regard to the actions of others, as opposed to the hassles that characterize cards like the Eight of Swords, Interference. Interpersonal conflict leading to conflict, competition and feelings of annoyance and frustration define the Five of Wands: the coming together of passionate, opposing wills.

The art on the Rider-Waite card shows a group of men fighting and struggling against each other, and I believe covers the meaning of the card very simply and with little need for explanation. The Thoth illustration shows, like many of the other Wand cards, crossed wands (signalling strength and passion) on a field of flame. Notice that the emanations coming from the wands are much more subdued than those of the previous cards, and the bright yellow background contrasts greatly with the darker reds of the main picture, signalling opposition. The birdlike heads of the upper back wands also seem to me to be menacing, threatening the wands below them.

In a reading, the Five of Wands asks you to review your current situation with regards to opposing, negative relationships with others; are the causes of your frustrations the actions of others? Is there discord in your group of acquaintances or coworkers? How is competition playing a role in your life? The idea of competition here is the least negative; sometimes from competition and strife, stronger individuals emerge. But sometimes not. In reverse, this card indicates perhaps a lesser disagreement between people, or that you feel like being argumentative but manage to hide it. It could also be that while you feel like you’re in a competitive and strife-filled environment, others don’t – or perhaps others see the environment as that way and you don’t!

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