16 Feb

Just finished reading Bujold’s latest Vorkosigan book, CryoBurn. It was, up until the very end, fantastic. The (science fiction) book would make little sense to one who had not read all of the other Vorkosigan books (inside-jokes and references to past events abound), but had a very interesting look at the idea of death.

The premise is that the ever-so-amazing Lord Imperial Auditor Miles Naismith Vorkosigan of Barrayar is sent by Emperor Gregor Vorbarra (of Barrayar) to investigate the dealing of a corporation seeking to spread off of its home planet of Kibou-daini to Komarr, the Barrayaran Empire’s second planet. The company specializes in freezing dead (and nearly dead) bodies to revive them at a later death – in a strange attempt to cheat death. The entire planet is based around these companies, which almost rule the place, and makes for some very interesting thoughts with regards to the rights of the “dead” and frozen, who could again come to life. How much say should they have in what goes on around them? Who has the responsibility for them?

Many more questions also assert themselves, but I highly recommend reading the book; it was well-written, well thought out, and even through in most of (but not all) of the major characters of previous ones! The Dendarii mostly were not mentioned (Taura was mentioned for half a page or so, and Quinn once – as well as Dubauer), and Simon Illyan and the ImpSec crowd also were passed over for the most part. I eagerly look forward to the possibility of another one, yet after the ending also am saddened. The book had a very surprising, unexpected, and yet entire fitting ending – it was well done, but be prepared for a depressing shock at the end of it.

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