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Two Tarot Spreads

A bit earlier than I said, but the writing update will come later. I recently just tried two new spreads, and was happy with one and not so much with the other.

The one I was not so happy with was a fifteen-card spread I decided to try based on the little booklet included with my Thoth deck – with five groups of three cards, one representing the heart of the matter, two representing different futures, one indicating the implications/psychology of the individual querent, and the last telling of larger forces. The main problem I had with it is the presence of the two futures indicate more divination than I am comfortable with, and the whole set-up just seems too simplistic, and the presence of three cards for each issue makes things murkier than they need to be. It was neat, however, to be able top modify the strengths of the central cards based on the influences of the flanking ones. I had a few interesting readings, but in the end, it didn’t call to me.

The second one I tried was Joan Bumming’s Yin-Yang spread. I asked the same question of this one (I tried the question with Celtic Cross, Fifteen-Card, and Yin-Yang), and I felt like it gave me the better answer. It was clear, concise, helpful, and very well-designed. Interpreting the cards came with no real difficulty and it almost seemed as if the spread was tailor-made for the conflict I was examining. I think I may have a new spread to often use along with the Celtic Cross I think. I will be examining this one further, then seeing what happens when I look at some of Raven’s spreads.

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Updates Soon I Hope!

Things have been going slowly – as you no doubt could guess from my lack of posts. I got a lot done – more than I had expected – during my long weekend, but since then I’ve been loaded with exams and papers, and I have another twoish weeks of these before I am free – and then I have even more to do. I have reached the busy part of the semester.

Expect a longer post hopefully around Wednesday or Thursday detailing TLOB progress, as well as thoughts on two new Tarot spreads, and maybe even some “plans” for April. Still aiming for a mid-March rough draft finish date!

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