An Unfortunate Delay…

25 Jan

I bring black tidings – I just received the proof copy of TLOC, and unfortunately, it had a formatting error – essentially, I made a mistake. Due to this, I was forced to reformat it and resubmit it for publication. As such, the book’s publishing is again being delayed – my apologies. Hopefully I’ll have the revised proof in my hands at the end of this week, or Monday next week – so aiming for a revised release date of early next week at the latest. Again my apologies.

I also have a few words to say about Red Dwarf – it started out as a fantastic comedy spoofing science fiction, and then, in season six, suddenly plummeted in quality. They took on a “monster of the week” format, and stopped focusing on the characters themselves – and lost the titular ship itself! Most disappointing – I don’t know if I can finish the series after that.

Anyway, just one more week until release! We can make it!

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