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TLOC, Pratchett, and University, Oh My!

Well, finally after several delays and the CreateSpace team (who are marvelous, by the way) were done being nitpicky about formatting, TLOC is on its way! Well, the proof copy is at least – hopefully when I get it it will be free of errors, and I can put it on CreateSpace late next week! After that, it should go up on Amazon two weeks later. I am not sure yet when it will be released on Lulu and the B&N Nook. Likely after it comes out on Amazon, though it might be released on the Nook earlier.

But that aside, TLOB is making slow progress! Finally, for the first time, the game of spissyx – the bastardized chess that Jak played in TLOS and that the game “Juxo” in TLOC was similar to – is explained! Partially, at least, as Jak shows his love interest, whose name is Derekk – gotta love the double “k’s” – how one plays. Currently I am in a slower segment – a sort of interregnum between the “action” – but in two or so more chapters I should be back in the middle of it! Unfortunately, progress is slow, as I just went back to university and am again readjusting.

On the note of university, I am finally leaving that suite that I hate and moving into an on-campus apartment! Hopefully the writing – and living – environment there will be better. Plus I’ll have the room all to myself! I hope my writing speed picks up… although my Statistics class might cut into that. My other classes all seem fun so far… except for possibly my Modern Middle East professor, who I don’t like. I like the course material, though.

And on a final note, I finished Pratchett’s The Light Fantastic! It was much, much, much better than The Colour of Magic. Infinitely better. Though the ending seemed rushed – still not Pratchett’s best. But now onto Equal Rites!

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