A Flip-flop, It Turns Out, is a Dangerous Weapon When Put in the Proper Hands

15 Sep

A very true statement, if I may so myself – especially if those proper hands are those of the infamous Ayakk Seer Kalkkis. Sorry, but I shan’t be spoiling too much for you – you’ll find out who Kalkkis is, and why he should never be given a flip-flop, when TLOC finally is released.

In terms of plot, TLOC is now advancing remarkably quickly, and we have reached the meat of the novel – after only 200 pages. That’s right, I passed the two hundred page mark! It currently sits at 201 pages, after the splendid and ridiculous entrance of the amazing Kalkkis. Hopefully I’ll get to make more progress soon, and begin work on Chapter 23!

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Posted by on September 15, 2010 in Writing


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