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Introduction to Goodman’s Diary

A certain close friend of mine has embarked on a secret expedition to a location I cannot disclose in the middle of an ocean, funded by certain benefactors I am not at liberty to name. This friend – I shall call him henceforth by the alias John Goodman – is a firm believer that knowledge should be shared among all peoples, and has asked me to share his personal diary of the expedition for him as he sends it to me. He has obtained a very powerful digital transmitter that allows him to transfer text from a digital diary directly to a receiver in my possession. He has also obtained the reluctant permission of the expedition’s funders to send me his reports, on the condition that he not reveal anything about the exact location of the expedition or the funders themselves. Similarly, I have agreed to not publish any entries of his that violate this agreement.

So, on this site, what you will see are relatively live updates of the expedition to the bottom of the ocean. John is not the expedition’s leader, but is part of a team of about a dozen scientists who are investigating a previously unexplored area of the seas that might hold something of value. Whatever this might be, I’m relatively sure John has been forbidden to speak of.

John  is a marine biologist by training, and the team he will be with consists of geologists, oceanographers, climatologists, and chemists, as well as a few other more specialized figures. From what he told me before he left about a week ago, he will be taking a ship out to the spot to be explored, and that ship will use experimental technology to lower a submarine on cables and tubes to supply the team with vitals while they scout around the ocean floor. John was really excited about this – and presumably still is – and wanted to share what was going on with the world. As such, he asked me to relay his diary to the world, as he won’t have access to the internet from where he is.

He said he’d have the first entry to me tomorrow, so we’ll see what happens then! His entries will just be titled with the date; my own commentary (if I have any) will be in separate posts. I hope you enjoy what he has to say!

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