General Update

02 Aug

Hey everyone! I am sure those of you who have been following me have noticed a drop in my activity. My apologies for that, but I have been extraordinarily busy of late. Hopefully that will change once I go back to university (funny how I’m busier during the summer), and if I have my way, I’d have more time now!

Apologies aside, as has been my general pattern, I have once again failed to meet my #Writemotivation goals this month. To be fair to myself, though, I did better than usual, completing a whole 1/3 of them! I have finished all of my Astral Tide chapters for Series II, and have begun planning for Series III! The Epilogue is coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!

I also managed to write a long EsoTarot post the other day, and I think practitioners of Geomancy might find it very useful. I found it useful writing the post myself!

In other news, August CampNaNo has begun! I hadn’t planned on participating this month (after seeing my dismal progress last time), but I forgot I had already made my novel on the site and how that I’m in a cabin, I’ll try – but I make no promises. For August, I will continue working on Beneath, but I have some other goals as well:

-Read the Gathas of Zarathushtra, Arda Wiraz Namag, the ShahnamaVis u Ramin, and some scholarly articles for my upcoming thesis. I also have to compile my bibliography before September 3 – eep!

-Work more on Beneath!

-Finish critiquing Jacob G. Adams‘ lovely novel; it’s off to a good start so far! Though perhaps describing horror as “lovely” is a poor word choice.

-Finish editing Dark Aeons! I have a friend who wants to translate some of the stories in there into Japanese, so now I have motivation to really kick this one into gear! This is my top priority right now.

-Keep learning Arabic.

-Write more EsoTarot posts.

-Read and review Trafficked by John Peace.

-Finally get around to reading Children of the Sky by Vernor Vinge.

-Maybe start on the rest of the several thousand books I want to read…

Well, this will be an interesting month. We’ll see how well I do!

!مع السلامة

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