Dividing Attention

07 Feb

Sorry for the lack of updates. My attention has been extremely divided of late, which makes it hard to get anything of substance done. In addition to that, a new semester at university has just started, so I am still settling into that. But, I think I am finally ready to start getting to work again!

I have also learned a very valuable lesson. The reason that I write is in order to translate ideas, worlds, and characters that float around in my head into something concrete and readable, allowing other people to share them while also codifying them for myself. It helps me to think. The problem with this is that it leads to way too many ideas wanting to be expressed at once, and I want to get them all down before I lose them, but can’t write fast enough to keep up! As a result, I have a large queue of projects in various planning stages, and as the semester started, I was trying to work on all of them. At once.

This resulted in my being overly stressed, as I wanted to get everything done perfectly and immediately. As we all know, of course, you can’t rush perfection (or even achieve it, really). I just couldn’t do everything quickly and the way I wanted it. I was essentially giving myself impossible tasks; as much as I would like to spend almost every hour of the day writing, I can’t, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and all of the other -ally’s. So, dividing my attention made me stressed out, and I can’t write when I’m stressed, which in turn led to me not writing. And you guessed it, this made me even more stressed!

I did a few Tarot readings yesterday to calm me down and help me think about my life, and I am now feeling much better. I finished my short story “Singing in the Rain” – a rather disturbing (in my opinion) horror piece about singing rain. I’d been working on it for a week, unable to get into a good writing mode, but I finally conquered it! I am now moving (back) into a project I’ve been working on for a while: Tal’kan, which I will talk more about in a hopefully soon-to-come post.

So, what did I learn? Focus on one project at a time! Don’t divide your attention overly much.

And, just for fun, here is what I have in progress at the moment:

-Standalone Short Stories First Draft Done: “Glimpsing Yggdrasill,” “Singing in the Rain,” “Probabilities.”

Standalone Short Stories Outlined: “Ziggurats,” “Cabin Boy,” “In Madness, Dying,” “The Woodsman,” “Nightmare Fleet.”

-Anthologies: Editing Dark Aeons, stories editing: “Hell Factory,” “Afflatus Divine,” “Parallax,” “The Parasite,” “Dark Aeons,” “The Horror in the Woods,” and “Station Fourteen.”

-Novels Waiting on Cover Art and Publishing: The Libel of Blood.

-Novels Outlined: A Deadly Dance, Heart of the Supernova, Antony of Alexandria.

-Novels Slightly Written: People of the Storm.

-Novels With Substantive Portions Done: The Divine Madness of Kings, Tal’kan.

For now, I’m focusing on Tal’kan. I will return to The Divine Madness of Kings later this year, hopefully.

That’s all for now!

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