Happy New Year!

02 Jan

Happy New Year, merry apocalypse year, may you live to see through the end of 2012, and all that. I have survived Christmas and New Year’s! Aren’t you proud? It was difficult, but I managed it. For my reflections on 2011, you will have to look pretty hard, because there aren’t any! For my thoughts on 2012, however, look here on EsoTarot!

As for writing updates, I have some! I just realized I neglected to tell everyone that The Loneliness of Stars and The Light of Civilization are both available! TLOS is here, and TLOC is here, for only 1.00USD and 1.25USD, respectively. The eBook prices have been lowered to the same price on Lulu, the Amazon Kindle store, and the Barnes & Noble Nookbook store.

And in the “getting ever close to another release that I know I am behind on but bear with me please” department, The Libel of Blood is closer to being finished! I am currently editing Chapter 39, and am now roundabouts page 317, giving me only another 100 or so pages to go! Hopefully I finish that soon! I really can’t wait to stop revising at get back into writing Tal’kan!

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