The Libel of Blood Progress

22 Apr

Fear not, for even though I have been flooding this site with Tarot posts lately, I have not yet forgotten the site’s true purpose! I have, in between the times spent working and slaving away at projects for the university’s end of the semester, managed to get some writing done! The Libel of Blood stand currently at 393 pages – looks like this one is going to be over 400! I’m on chapter 45 at the moment – four pages into it – and it looks like there will be a chapter 46 and 47, as well as an Epilogue. I estimate that this means about 30 more pages – I’m so close! To keep to my original goal, I need to finish the first draft of the entire manuscript before the semester ends – in two weeks, really. I’m going to try (and probably fail) to get a lot done this weekend – but we’ll see what happens!

The most recent bit of what I’ve been writing reintroduces two characters you thought were dead, one from all the way back in The Loneliness of Stars. I’m writing the climax now – which is very exciting I think – but unfortunately as it ties so much together, I am unable to post an excerpt here without spoiling it for you all. Once I begin diving into my short stories again, expect many more excerpts!

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