TLOB, TLOC, and Illustrations, Oh My!

29 Nov

Sorry for the long delay in posts – I’ve been busy. It looks as if The Libel of Blood will probably have to wait a while longer to be released than I had originally planned, as a result of lethargy on my part as well as building end-of-the-semester work. And my ailing shoulder being diagnosed as some ripped cartilage that is fixable only through surgery that does not have a promising success rate. And most importantly, of course, the book ending up looking to be much longer than I expected – I am estimating between eighty and ninety thousand words at the moment, but it could easily be longer – perhaps even longer than The Light of Civilization at 111,000 words. TLOB still sits at almost 55,000 words for now – progress has been slow, and won’t likely pick up much, as university is demanding a lot right now. I’m also going to begin editing TLOC starting if not on December 1st then this weekend, which will also slow the process of writing TLOB. I’m still aiming to have TLOC out shortly before Christmas, though! Makes a great gift! If I actually keep to my self-imposed deadline. If I don’t, then it makes a great (late) Christmas gift!

On another TLOC note, the wonderful Sarah Kindler of RISD fame has agreed to lend me her services in designing and illustrating the cover for book two! I’m excited to see how it turns out.

Well, I need to keep writing! I hope you all enjoy your lives until I write again!

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