Cuteness is Very Serious Business

03 Nov

At 9,330 words, I have finished the Prologue and Chapters One through Three! There still isn’t much action – other than the opening scene – and the text so far is mostly me attempting to show an example of a diplomatic discussion. I did right a really fun piece of dialogue, as is seen below:


“And what exactly are these products, ambassador Kikkilak?”


“The toria’s excrement is Space’s most efficient fertilizer! Or will be, once we have certified it. Its fur – which also happens to be self shedding, and will all fall off at once in an easily collectible pile – is a superb insulator and stronger than a stil-voran alloy when woven into a simple item of clothing. The korfalil’s feather shimmer and change color in recognizable patterns and even faces, and will continue to do so for at least a dateyn after they fall off the thing, guaranteed! And the gorinya itself is the product – the most adorable thing you’ll ever set your eyes on, completely obedient, with training coded into its genome, and recycles its own waste!” I didn’t even know that that was possible, and didn’t think too hard about it. The Cijadi sounded like a floundering businessman; quite a different impression than I had received from his acting the diplomat.

“Do you have a picture of this… gorinya?” I asked. I didn’t believe it was the cutest thing in all of Space.

Kikkilak clicked awkwardly. “I am afraid that I do not – the information is classified at the current moment, so as to avoid too many spies from being able to best us or steal our design.”

Of course. I was slightly disappointed. “Have you seen the designs or the creature yourself?”

More awkward clicks. “Well… not exactly.”

“Not exactly?” Meaning no, if I knew anything.

“No. The files are very confidential.” Apparently. Cuteness is very serious business.

“Then how can you tell me how adorable it is?”


Cuteness is very serious business.

Chapter four is now underway, and is describing generally what happened in the meetings on Juxia and during the first two weeks of spaceflight. I have been away too long… back to the book!

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