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Vorkari Iette Tekkilo Iaten Potenti Affus Faliel Horvanus Est Tore Mananum

So, after a long time of no updates – I finished “Parallax!” My computer is finally fixed, and the space bar and shift key work, so I can type now! Additionally, I finally managed to drag myself away from Transformice, so also had time! I wrote most of the last 16 pages today, which puts the total page count of “Parallax” at 76 pages – four short of my expectation, but still close! The ending could have been better, I think, and feels kind of rushed – but that was the idea to an extent; the scribblings of a madman before killing himself. But with this distraction out of the way, I can focus all of my energy and time on The Light of Civilization. I doubt I’ll finish before September, but I can try! [For those who are wondering, the title of this post is a chant used in Parallax.”]

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