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The Sinkholes are Coming!

My paranoid fear of being swallowed into the earth is justified!


Also, a spatula has been thrown into the works of my plans to finish a chapter a day… I am still going to try, but I no longer think that I can come close to doing it, due to 40 hours of my week being filled up from a few days from now until August.


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A New Goal!

Can I do this? I really hope so! Starting… well, today, on June 1st, 2010, I am going to do my very best to write one chapter a day of The Light of Civilization, hopefully finishing the rough draft within the month. I will only make new posts every week on my progress, but check the Works in Progress page for a more constant update.

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The Loneliness of Stars to be Re-released!

By the end of this summer, The Loneliness of Stars will be re-released, with all of the typos fixed (it is currently being edited by my dear brother), and the single inconsistency in it edited out  (did you find it?) – also possibly will be adding in a chapter or two. Hopefully this will teach me to read the entire proof through next time.

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